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    Drunk as a Skunk Empty Drunk as a Skunk

    Post  Rahkn on Thu Aug 21, 2014 9:08 pm

    Note: This is the second dream I've had where I couldn't control my body but just watched the events unfold through my eyes. I felt the effects of everything I did, but could not stop myself from preventing the inevitable.

    This dream involved Tim, Chris (my brother) and me. We went to a bar to get some drinks after an event that we participated in. While Chris and Tim were slamming down the drinks, I was mainly sipping on them, casually drinking my drink. Chris and Tim were drinking beer and whiskey, while I was mainly drinking Scotch and Bourbon. As time went on, Chris and Tim got louder and louder and more drunk, I was starting to feel buzzed and my vision was getting blurry. Eventually, we left and as we were outside, April and another woman (Tim's wife) were waiting outside for us (they were also drunk). We were talking about going home when I realized that all of us drove to the area. "I'm drunk," I loudly exclaim, and the look of realization dawns on everyone that no one is sober enough to drive. Quickly in our drunken states, we came up with ideas to sober up. I thought exercise would do the trick, so I started doing jumping jacks. Chris and Tim left to a bathroom because Chris had to use it and Tim thought a shower would help. The bathroom was like a huge locker room and had a large showering area and several stalls. (I was still outside at the time) After finishing the jumping jacks, which didn't help, I stumbled into the bathroom and found that Chris needed help to get to the stall. I guided him there being the most sober only to find Tim standing naked in the entryway to the showers. I quickly grab a towel and wrap him up and turned him toward a shower. Meanwhile Chris was like "I'm gonna throw up." and I had to shift my attention to him. I helped Chris to the stall, where he puked (into the toilet) and then started to thank the toilet for being there and being cold. I left him there satisfied that all was well and noticed that I was now sobering up with all of the running around until I heard some yelling from the showers. I run over and find that Tim was using the shower stall as a dumping ground for his kids to go to the swimming pool. I run over and tell him that it was a shower, but he was so drunk that he didn't understand what he was doing. Then I woke up.

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