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    Post  K-Nine on Tue Apr 09, 2013 12:12 am

    It the turn of the 31st century the human race found them-selves face to face with three ancient races. The wizards lost to memory but not time hidden away in plan site for years untold. The dwarves lying in the ground holding the secrets of the energy and power close to the core of the planet. The elves staying in their trees; hiding behind the fears of man and their very own legends, the time had come for all races to be bound as one once again. The Earth was growing smaller and there was little room for the races to hide. One by one they came to the leaders of man and were welcomed; the human’s saw this problem as well and the answer was believed to lie beyond the vale of the vale. So all races set out to reach to the stars and to what was beyond.
    Over the coming years they worked together; the elves adding their science, the wizard’s their magic, the Dwarves gave up the power that they held, and the human’s gave their technologies. After generations the ship that would take them farther them any creature from Earth had ever been was finished. There had been “manned” missions out past the milky-way but never before was the plan to make a planet fall. The dwarves found a star system that held countless new gems and crystals for them to draw power from. The elves found planets with new life to study new. The wizards found that many planets had life energy that changed and augmented many of their spells. The humans found nothing or at least not what they had hoped for. Yes they liked the plants and the gems where pretty but they wanted answers, they wanted to find new life like their own new tech. A chance to reach beyond the vale of the vale.
    From the edge of their new territory the humans pushed but something pushed back. There was a wall in space a point that nothing went beyond. For Generations the human tried to push but to no advance. At last after the elves and the dwarves, and even the wizards how loved to learn turned away from the nothing. They had all taken to their new homes laid down roots and didn’t look again to the stars for adventure, at least not for a time. The Science and power and knowledge grow the tech. of the humans grew in leaps because of their hunger to push on. At last they found a way to go beyond the nothing; one ship was able to pierce it. The ship gone for seconds but the crew all but dead, the last words from the ships last survivor was “for years we traveled and in the nothing we founded the end.” Those words shoot fear into every person that had ears to hear. The Humans backed away from the edge took to the planets and worked with the other races but ever keeping an eye to the stars.
    Some 400 years pass from the time that the Earth truly became one and reached into and beyond the heavens. After even the oldest of the elves had lost the memory of the words brought to them from the lips of a dying man, the vale was ripped apart and every race again felt the fear of their darkest nightmare. Because the End had come, they are a race made for nothing more than the total end of all other life. They had thought their mission done; but for one ship they worked without slowing to breach the nothing and at last had come. The End had power brighter than the dwarves, knowledge greater than the wizards, Science cold and darker than any Elf, and tech. that made the humans look like they just made the first wheel. In truth the Humans, the Elves. the Dwarves, and the wizards have only one thing greater than the End, their spirit that makes everything from planet deadly and powerful. This is the light verses an evil no race could ever dream of.

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