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    Post  K-Nine on Tue Mar 26, 2013 7:23 pm

    Last night I had a dream, but when I got up this morning I could not remember it. I got up in started my day. I passed a calendar that is on the cabinet wall in the kitchen, as I did the number twelve hit me and I remembered my dream. I truth I don’t know if it was seeing the number twelve or the fact that it is valentine’s day; anyway.
    I was at the Bassett’s house we were having a party. I don’t recall what the part was for, but I do remember the way the couches were set up. They were rows of them some faced the TV others faced away I had been talking with a friend when a girl came and sit down almost on top of me. (In my dream I know who the girls was but that is for me “for now”) She began to talk I don’t remember the words but I know she was showing me her phone and was very upbeat. I would not have traded that moment for anything. The joy I felt at her wanting to be that close, to just be near me made my heart race. I knew I had to leave soon. I do know that there was another person there on the couch and he too wanted her attention, he was a good man as well but she was not meant for him. I remember how she was sitting. I was long way on the couch me feet out to the other man one knee was bent up. When she sat down it was strait and her legs were on top of mine, but her leaned into me. Our shoulders touched which tells me that I must have been twisted in an odd angle. I got up and found Josh he and I had to go; the girl said she would drive home and so we got into her car/van.
    We were driving down the road I remember it was the on ramp at the bottom of Eli Hill. We were headed west deeper into Sumner not up the hill. On the side of the road there were three buses, each one broken and/or destroyed by an accident. Josh and I got out I told the girl to go and get help, She left Josh and I at the Buses, we got on to the first one and found a few people but I remember one. He said something I do not recall, but we got him off the bus and started to get on to the second bus. As I reached up to step into the bus I saw a wall of fire. It was reaching out and eating down town Sumner. It moved fast and reached out and started new fires as it moved. They were small fire that joined with the larger as the larger reached them. The fire grow and grow as it came closer. I shouted out to Josh and he came out of the bus and together we ran down the road with the people we got off the buses. I remember running down the road as the heat got closer and closer. My last thoughts before I woke up was of the girl that fact that she loved me and wanted nothing more than to be closes to me, it warmed my heart and gave me such joy that I didn’t fear the fire, I was not winded from the run. I had joy the fire I don’t believe ever touched me. But I awoke just after the thought of the girl came into my mind.
    When I woke up I know I had dreamed and like most dreams I have had in the past few days, it was gone from my mind. When I saw the calendar it was like I had been hit with something. And I could not believe that I had forgotten the dream, I don’t know if it is a dream from God that means anything, but I remembered it so that in itself means I should write it down so I don’t forget again.

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