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    Alien (6-16-11)


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    Alien (6-16-11)

    Post  JAK on Mon Mar 25, 2013 8:03 am

    Myself and three others are in a small room that seems to be a coat closed or a luggage room. It's close to the size and appearance of the pantry in our old house. The shelves are full of large-ish black luggage. I'm backed up against the shelving in the back of the room fighting (grappling) a man-sized back-blue alien (vaguely like the kind from Aliens). I'm able to keep it from hurting me, but I'm afraid to hurt it. At this point, one person is with me on my left side and two or three others are a few feet off to my right. I cant really tell what they're doing. I fight my way to the back of the alien and prepare to stab it in the neck, but hold back because I don't know what the blood (I'm sure it would've been bright green) will do to me if it gets on me.

    Then I'm alone in the room and on my way out. I open the door slowly so as not to hit the Toby-looking cat that's already leaving. I pause to wait for his two kittens to get out of the way, and I go through the door. As I enter the large room, which is mostly empty except for a bunch of stuff pushed up against the wall, I notice the alien is in the room. It's much smaller now. It's in the middle of the room either eating or playing with something. Kinda looks like a gallon jug sized owl pellet. (eating/playing with...could be the same thing) There's someone standing next to it. It looks as though they are familiar with each other. It could be his pet, or friend, or maybe just that he's okay with it's presence. Nervous and wanting to get out of the room without having to deal with the alien again, I skirt the room trying to sneak by. It looks up at me several times, but is very engaged with what it has in it's hands. About halfway down the long wall, I step on a bright green riding toy to get over it. I get to the end of the room and can see into the kitchen and down the hall. Then I wake up.

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